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A few facts

Residing in Warsaw, I am a dynamic professional with a fervor for telecommunications and electronics, seamlessly intertwined with a lifelong passion for motorization. Hailing from Brodnica, my journey has been shaped by a love for competitive sports, with regular basketball matches marking my active lifestyle. Outside the professional realm, I find joy in fixing cars, indulging in swimming, and delving into biographical books.

Armed with a Master's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication, my role as Deputy Director of Research and Development at Transbit Sp. z o.o. epitomizes my prowess in planning, leading technical projects, and steering a team of 30 towards groundbreaking telecommunications innovations.

In my previous position as Service Manager and Technical Support Manager at Huawei Consumer Business Group, I excelled in coordinating suppliers, crisis management, and delivering strategic projects. This experience showcased my ability to merge technical expertise with effective leadership.

My career path has seen me thrive in roles encompassing technical support, project management, and service optimization. Beyond the professional arena, I bring a unique blend of skills honed through diverse experiences, all while maintaining a focus on my core hobbies—motorization, basketball, swimming, and a deep appreciation for biographical literature.

In essence, I am a versatile professional with a robust technical foundation, a flair for leadership, and a commitment to continuous improvement. My unique combination of skills, education, and passions positions me as a valuable asset ready to contribute to the dynamic intersection of technology and business.